650B Carbon Mountain Bike Rims

650B Carbon Mountain Bike Rims
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650B Carbon Mountain Bike Rims

Item No.:MYR740

Material: carbon fiber TORAY T700

Weave: UD/3K

Finished: matte or glossy

Tire type: Tubeless(hookless)

Sizes: 27.5er

Rim depth: 30mm

External width: 40mm width

Internal width: 35mm

ERD: 542mm

Spokes hole: 24/28/32H

Rim weight: 460±15g

Max. Tire pressure: 60 psi

Max. spoke tension: 300 kgf

Rider weight limited: 130kg

Riding condition: all mountain

650B Carbon Mountain Bike Rims are designed for long-distance rides to backcountry riders, suitable for climbing and downhill, but also light enough to handle occasional races. It has good aerodynamics, durability, handling and comfort. The superior usability and 30mm rim depth are enough to have a balanced performance in all kinds of road conditions.

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