A Excellent Long-distance Station Wagon Standard

Many people do not realize that real estate at full capacity is very different from ordinary bicycles (no load). Placed on a bicycle, the more things from the pressure, the greater the deformation of the frame. This has led to some disturbing factors such as riding rock instability. Sometimes can be dangerous. A qualified travel bike frame should be more than ordinary strength, sturdiness, enough to cope with the load of the frame after extrusion. A good station wagon should give a feeling: when no load is too rough, is coordinating only under load condition. Especially when you're climbing feels more clear: a strong station wagon will regret supporting you, and bikes will be vulnerable to pieces-like holding you back. So, it is no exaggeration to say that, the frame (front fork) is the most important part of the bike and any other spare parts can be replaced, but the frame is not available. Frame and all accessories. For this reason, in fact, buy a station wagon is to buy a suitable frame, other parts are just clouds.

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