A Woman Riding A Bicycle Benefits

One, the real was as real as the woman on the bike, never need makeup when you step onto a bicycle, helmet, hand mirror, when you put on a headscarf, no one can see you up as a fairy. Beauties are now artificially processed from enlargement, padded nose bridge augmentation waist and so on, the woman on the bike is original. Second, worry the woman on the bike in the spirit and willpower stronger than the average woman, go out riding in particular those long haul, carrying dozens of pounds a heavy bag, you don't have to worry about her, she would not play in front of you. She knows how to get around to pulling the door, there was a small cut can get away with, does not become a burden to others. Third, preserve cycling exercise great, asking people to better fitness, said a woman ten years physical conditions are not the same, every ten years rapid body slide, including looks, such as physical, the woman on the bike has been in the exercise, no different from 40 years old with 30 years of physical, not very ill, you can save medical expenditure on health and weight loss.

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