Double 11 Shopping Carnival

Double 11 Shopping Carnival also calls Carnival on Singles’ Day. 

11.11 is combinated with four digits 1 . It also means single. People call Nov.11 as Singles’ Day.

With the developing of network, after 2000, the net shopping became more and more popular. So, the annual Single Day, A lot of shoppers and sellers definitely love to catch any chance and make some promotion in the name of Singles’ Day. Double eleven shopping has gradually emerged at that time.

In2009,double eleven shopping carnival preliminary formation. In addition to Taobao, as well as Jingdong, Suning Tesco and so on all large e-commerce sites are beginning to use this day to carry out some large-scale discount promotions. At this time, to participate in crazy shopping is no longer just bachelor, but the whole people shopping. So, this day became the ecommerce industry's big promotion of the day, consumers frenzy shopping, collective berserk carnival festivals, we often say shopping carnival.

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