History Of The Bicycle

In 1790, there was a Frenchman named xifulake who have an inquiring mind. One day, he walked on a street in Paris, because it rained the day before, and accumulated a lot of rain on the way, is bad. Suddenly, a four-wheeled carriage rolling in from behind, and the street is narrow, carriage is wide, xifulake hide to hide but no was knocked down by a car, being splashed with mud and rainwater. Others saw it, sorry for him, also was called, to shout for the carriage stopped, reasonable negotiation. Xifulake said to himself: "don't shout, don't shout, let them go. "The coach walked away, he stood by the roadside. He was thinking: a road so narrow and pedestrians so much, why not construct a change of carriage? Carriage should be cut in half, the four wheels two wheels ... ... He thought, coming home to hands-on design. After repeated testing, 1791 the first masses of "Trojan horse wheel" cars made.

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