How To Maintain Flip Flop Hub Wheelset?

Flip flop hub wheelset maintenance

Worn or damaged Fixed gear hub bearings or hub units can cause improper and costly failures or even damage to safety on the road.The following points should be noted in the use and installation of Flip flop hub bike:

1, in order to ensure maximum security and reliability, no matter how long vehicles will often check for abrasion wheel, pay attention to early warning signals, including any rotating friction noise or suspension combination of Flip flop rear wheel in turn.

2. If you hear the noise from the hub bearing, first of all, it is important to find the location where the noise occurs.There are many moving parts which may produce noise, or it may be that some rotating parts contact with non-rotating parts.If the noise in the bearing is confirmed, the bearing may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3. Because the working conditions of both sides of the bearing failure caused by the front Fixed gear flip flop hub hub are similar, even if only one bearing is damaged, it is recommended to replace in pairs.

4. The hub bearing is sensitive, and the correct method and proper tool should be adopted in any 

case.Bearing parts shall not be damaged during storage, transportation and installation.Some bearings require large pressure injection, so special tools are required.Be sure to refer to the car manufacturing instructions.

5. The installation should be in a clean and tidy environment, and the small particles entering the bearing will shorten the service life.It is important to maintain a clean environment when changing bearings.It is not allowed to hit the bearing with a hammer, and the bearing should not fall on the ground (or be similarly mishandled).

6. For the hub unit, do not attempt to disassemble the hub bearing or adjust the seal ring of the hub unit, otherwise it will damage the seal ring and cause water or dust to enter.Even the sealing ring and inner ring raceway are damaged, resulting in permanent bearing failure.

7. There is a magnetic thrust ring in the sealing ring of the ABS bearing, which cannot be impacted by collision, impact or other magnetic fields.Remove from the box before installation to keep them away from the magnetic field, such as electric motors or power tools used.When these bearings are installed, the operation of the bearings is changed by observing the ABS alarm needle on the dashboard through road condition test.

8, equipped with ABS wheel hub bearing of magnetic thrust ring, in order to determine the thrust ring pack what side, use a light small things close to the edge of the bearing, bearing of magnetic force will be attracted to it.When installed, one side of the magnetic thrust ring will point inward, directly to the ABS sensitive element.Note: incorrect installation may cause the braking system to fail.

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