Introduce Of Fat Bike Carbon Fiber Rigid Fork

Fat Bike Carbon Fiber Rigid Fork

Fat bike frame fork in the front part in the bicycle structure, its upper end connected to the handlebar parts, chassis parts and the former is, together with the bottom and front axle parts, bicycle guiding system.


Turning the handlebars and the Fat bike fork axle can change the direction of the front wheel and play the guiding role of the bicycle.In addition, can play the role that controls bicycle to drive.


The force of the Fat tire bike fork mount is of the cantilever type, so the Fat bike fork mount  must have sufficient strength and so on.

The smoothness of the front fork is a good combination of the right spring and the shock absorber. It must be smooth.Smooth: refers to the front fork never stress, compression, compression, back to the uncompressed state process without any stuck feeling, or feel any friction, top - out and bottom - out not too sudden and too heavy.The new front fork will be tighter, but after a period of grinding, it should in principle be smooth.After a long period of use, the sediment and other debris may enter the inner and outer tube gasket, or the grease of the push will be eaten, which will cause the trouble.Different front fork factories will have their own different lubrication measures.


XC cross-country athletes is the weight and weight rigidity, abnormal value, but the weight is actually a data are for reference only, because the specifications shown on the table number, vendor may through the short front fork head or miss suspension or lubricating oil to get a good number.A Fat bike inverted fork of less than 1.3kg is very good, usually with the front fork and inner tube of aluminum alloy pipe, some even use titanium alloy.But if you're too heavy, try to avoid using too light a front fork, because it's likely to be too heavy and inflexible.Rigid, because it is a relatively abstract thing, so the average person is not too careful or not too familiar.When the rigidity is insufficient, in the high speed or the relatively bumpy situation, can feel the car has a bit of disobedient feeling, has a little floating feeling.

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