Introduction Of Mountain Bike Carbon Rims

Introduction of Mountain Bike Carbon Rims

The characteristics and purposes of carbon structural steel are as follows:

1. Classification by chemical composition.

Carbon Rims is divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel by chemical composition (i.e., carbon content).

Low carbon steel is also known as mild steel, with carbon content ranging from 0.10% to 0.30%. Low carbon steel is easy to accept all kinds of processing such as forging, welding and cutting, often used in manufacturing chains, rivets, bolts, shafts, etc.

The carbon steel of medium carbon steel is 0.25% ~ 0.60%. There are many kinds of products such as composed steel, semi - killed steel and rimmed steel. In addition to carbon, it can contain a small amount of manganese (0.70% ~ 1.20%). The products are divided into ordinary carbon structural steel and high quality carbon structural steel. Good heat processing and cutting performance, poor welding performance. The strength and hardness are higher than the low carbon steel, while the plasticity and toughness are lower than the low carbon steel. Without heat treatment, direct use of hot rolled materials, cold-drawn materials, can also be used after heat treatment.

The medium carbon steel after quenching and tempering has good comprehensive mechanical properties. The maximum hardness that can be reached is HRC55(HB538), and b is 600 ~ 1100MPa. Therefore, among the various applications of medium strength, carbon steel is widely used as a building material, and is used to make various mechanical parts,such as carbon wheelset.

High carbon steel is often referred to as tool steel, with carbon content ranging from 0.60% to 1.70%, which can be hardened and tempered. Hammer, crowbar, etc. made of steel with a carbon content of 0.75%; Cutting tools such as drill bits, wire tapping, and reamer are made of steel with a carbon content of 0.90% to 1.00%.

2. Classification according to the quality of steel.

According to the quality of steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel.

The ordinary carbon steel is also known as plain carbon steel, which has a wide limit on the content of carbon content, the range of performance and the content of phosphorus, sulfur and other residual elements. In China and some countries, the guarantee conditions of delivery are divided into three categories: class A steel (class A steel) is the steel that guarantees mechanical properties. Class B steel (class B steel) is the steel that guarantees chemical composition. Special steel (C type steel) is a kind of steel which guarantees both mechanical properties and chemical composition, and is used to make more important structural parts. China's current production and use of the most carbon content is about 0.20% of A3 steel (class 3 steel), mainly used in engineering structure.

Some carbon structural steels also add trace amounts of aluminum or niobium (or other carbide forming elements) to form nitride or carbide particles to limit grain growth, strengthen steel and save steel. In China and some countries, in order to adapt to the special requirements of professional steel, the chemical composition and properties of ordinary carbon structural steel, so as to develop a series of ordinary carbon structural steel major steel, such as Bridges, buildings, pressure vessel steel, steel, etc.).

The content of sulfur, phosphorous and other non-metallic inclusions is lower than that of conventional carbon structural steels. According to the difference between carbon content and use, this kind of steel can be divided into three types:

It is less than 0.25%C for low carbon steel, especially for 08F,08Al, which contains carbon less than 0.10%, which is widely used for deep punching parts such as automobiles and canning because of its excellent deep impact and weldability,Bicycle rims,Carbon bike parts ,Carbon mtb wheels, Carbon mountain bike wheels. 20G is the main material for making ordinary boilers. In addition, low carbon steel is widely used as carburized steel for machinery manufacturing.

C is medium carbon steel, which is used in the state of adjustment, making parts for machinery manufacturing industry.

More than 0.6%C is high carbon steel, which is used to make springs, gears, rolls and so on. According to the difference of manganese content, it can be divided into two steel groups: normal manganese content (0.25 ~ 0.8%) and high manganese content (0.7 ~ 1.0% and 0.9 ~ 1.2%). Manganese can improve the hardenability of steel, strengthen the ferrite, improve the yield strength, tensile strength and wear resistance of steel. It is usually followed by the tag "Mn", such as 15Mn and 20Mn, to distinguish the normal carbon steel containing manganese.

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