​Introduction To The Use Of Wheels

Introduction to the use of wheels

Road bike wheels carbon is a rotating component between the tire and the axle, usually consisting of two main parts, rim and spokes (GB/ t2933-2009). The rim is a part of the wheel that is mounted and supported by a tyre. The spokes are the supporting parts between the axle and the rim on Road bike wheels cyclocross. In addition to the above parts,Road bike wheels china sometimes include hubs.

Types of road bike wheels:

1. According to the structure of spokes: the wheel can be divided into wheel and spokes.

2. According to wheel material: it can be divided into steel, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy wheels.

3. Install one or two tires at one end of the axle: single wheel and double wheel.

Radial wheels are widely used in cars and vans. In addition, there are open wheels, assembled rim wheels, reversible wheels.

Tire technique

1. Check the tire. If the position of the tire is worn on the side of the tyre or the groove depth of the wheel surface is worn (less than 2 mm), the degree is too serious to be repaired, and new tires need to be replaced.

2. Size of road bike wheels cannot be changed at will., and you need to choose the tire that matches your car.

3. Due to the excellent sealing performance of tires and wheels, it is necessary to use professional equipment to separate the tire from the wheel. Rotate the tyre evenly so as not to remove the damage wheel.

4. Remove the tire completely from the hub, and when the tire is unloaded, check whether the hub is hit or not. If the wheel is damaged, the tire will not only leak, but also cause breakage.

5. The yellow and red dots are specially designed on the tires, because the wheel has a center of gravity at the rotation, and a lighter side of the yellow point and a focus of the red dot. Therefore, at the time of installation, be careful to point the yellow point at the valve mouth.

6. If the installation is difficult, you can use clean water to run the tire, and when the new tire is installed, you can get enough gas to prepare for the subsequent balance.

7. New tires installed must be balanced. During driving, if the position of the tire is unbalanced, it will cause the steering wheel to shake, the faster the speed, the greater the vibration; Also, uneven tires can cause wear and tear. The measurement of dynamic balance has a certain value. When rotating, it can measure the difference of weight. According to the machine test, this tire is 15 grams to the left and 11 grams to the right.

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