The Classification Of MTB Frame

the classification of  MTB Frame

Mountain bikes have an irreplaceable status in the bicycle kingdom.The variety of its variety and variety is incomparable with other kinds of cars.But because of this, many beginner bike enthusiasts are not buying their own mountain bikes.Around us can often see such lovers, they see FR or DH car looks cool, and ran to buy FR and DH, completely without considering their only road cycling, result because FR and DH that excessive weight and squealed;Or you can see that the outside of the disc is very cool, and it is very expensive compared to the other brakes, so it must be very good, not to buy the disc brake.The end result of this blind consumption is a massive waste of money and energy.The spare parts of sports bicycle have a strong pertinence in both design and collocation, and the principles and details involved can become a knowledge.But there is a constant rule: suit yourself.If it's not for you, then no matter how expensive the parts are, you can't play its part.So how do you choose your own parts to fit your own car?Let's start with the car's soul, the Carbon fiber mountain bike frame


At present, the main movement can be divided into the following types.

1.Cross-country XC (CROSS COUNTRY) is the origin of all mountain biking.The players in the race track me on the set track and race for the speed crown.The course of the race is mostly uphill and winding, the main test is the speed and strength of the players themselves.

2.Downhill DH (DOWN HILL), in more than 60 degrees steep slope, with more than 70 kilometers per hour speed to rush DOWN the HILL, this lets the human adrenal hormone released a strenuous exercise is the new favorite of - downhill mountain bike movement.The sport is extremely exciting and requires very high demand for both players and vehicles.

5. 3.FREE RIDE, there are two different opinions about freedom rides.A type of cycling that is considered to be between a cross country and a crash landing, an suv with a rear shock absorber or a lighter vehicle.The other view is that those who are more frantic than the crash (which only comes to mind at the moment, without derogation) are called free riding.Relatively speaking, the author tends to be the first point

4.Climbing, some people call it "a car without a seat", and it's true that a seat is not very important.In order to be able to adjust the center at any time, the rider is standing on his bike.They use their cars to conquer the steps, tables, rocks and other obstacles, and make all kinds of movements, which are very attractive to the public.Someone put it into BMX, roller skating, climbing, such as extreme sports, while I tend to take it as a mountain bike movement, because it is the sort of the spirit of "to where it is impossible to" is the essence of mountain bike movement.Climbing can be divided into two types: big and small.

Mountain frame is also divided into the following:


This is a standard cross-country Mountain bike frame as shown in figure, we can see the frame can be divided into triangle before and after the triangle two main parts, the triangle without shock absorbing device, directly with metal pipe welded together Carbon mtb frame   we call hard tail frame.This kind of frame has the advantage of light weight and no pedal loss, and the price is relatively cheap, which is widely used in XC suvs that require high speed of climbing.But due to the triangle after shock level is poor, so the more rugged road with high speed when the stability of the rear wheel is a problem, and may even be kicked off the ground have led the car out of control.And general XC cross-country rack, climbing Carbon mountain bike frame has its own characteristics, this is little climbing frame that is big climbing frame that is European climbing frame from the above we can see that climbing frame sit tube special short, it makes the whole frame of the center of gravity low, mixture ratio generally suv massive front and even, the stability of the whole car have the guarantee.Compared with the general frame length of the upper tube and the lower tube, the driver's center of gravity can be quickly adjusted according to the situation.This is also a good example of how performance determines appearance.

2. The SOFT - TAIL Carbon hardtail mountain bike frame is a frame between the shadow - TAIL frame and the fully - cushioned frame.This frame has a passive damping structure in the rear triangular seat support.This structure is similar to the rear shock absorber, but it does not have the obvious shock absorption effect of the rear shock absorber.Its effect is to make the vibrations to the human body slightly smaller, and to make the rear wheels more closely connected to the ground, which is better controlled.As with the hard tail frame, there is little energy lost in the pedaling process.The frame is slightly heavier than the hard tail frame and lighter than the full damping frame.However, due to the reason of frame type, it is relatively rare in China, and the following is the product of KHS company, which is famous for producing soft tail cars.

3.FULL suspension frame FULL suspension frame (FULL SUSPISION) is a real shock absorption, the frame structure and the damping effect and soft tail frame, FULL suspension frame with a fully independent suspension structure and a wide variety of shock absorber, suspension fork, can achieve good damping effect (don't seem to have seen the rear shock and not put before the suspension of the car).The performance of different full-suspension frame is very different.The following is a few common complete damping frame: 1) single turning point frame 2) four-bar frame.

MTB Frame

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