The Difference Between 4 Spoke Wheels And Solid Wheel

4 Spoke Wheels

The difference between 4 Spoke Wheels and solid wheel.

1. If the physical factors in the real world, such as gravity, loss, resistance and road surface are not considered, the travelling speed of the two wheels with the same diameter is the same.

2. 4 spoke carbon wheel is a functional evolution relative to the solid wheel, leaving out the redundant parts, leaving only the functional part, which is the Bicycle spokes, to support the body weight.

3.The early stages of the wheel structure, no spokes, but a lot of patches to support.The reinforcement problem has been considered, and this is the predecessor of the wheel wheel.

4, The origin of the wheel, simple tree block, cut a piece, inserted a axle, there was still no spokes.


During the period of the warring states period, the civil wheels were supported by spokes, but the tires were made of wood, so they were thick and durable.

5.The round solid wheel turns into Four spoke rims, and the carriage speeds up. The reason is that it is strong enough to let go.Because the first one has proved that the theoretical velocity is the same, so fast and unpleasant are human factors.Afraid to run fast is because the wheel is broken.

6.So 4 spoke road bike wheels to support to the axle, so the stress in the process of marching imbalance, and ancient production capacity and resources are relatively limited, the whole circle of disc wheel, cost is high, the body weight and cannot promote popularity.

7. so the spokes are used as the supporting wheels, the fixed this wheel is more stable, not easy deformation, the most important of all the ground pressure and gravity balance to convey to the vehicle axle position, Bike wheel spokes of the support strength is more stable than solid wheel overall support.

8.If the wheel is stable, it will dare to run faster.

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