The Origin Of Wheel

   The Origin of wheel

Tri spoke wheels car was discovered gradually by man in the labor practice of carrying things. In primitive societies, the human ancestors lived by gathering and hunting, and when they began, the food was limited and easily brought back with them. From the ground, so that some have come up with the idea of picked out a few broken thick branches, these branches are connected with vines, and then put prey on them, grabbed two long branches dragged away, it's much more than a shoulder back carry light. It also occurred to me to use a stick, one end on the shoulder, the other on the ground, and the weight hanging in the middle of the stick. The man put two sticks side by side, with a cloth in the middle, two sticks on his hands, and the other on the ground. These are the first kind of "light pry" invented by people who slide on the ground with the help of a slider.

Usually the Tri spoke wheels bicycle is regarded as the oldest and most important invention of man, so that we often equate it with the use of fire. In fact, humans have tamed the fire for more than 1.5 million years, and the use of wheels is a mere six thousand years.

It is impossible for humans to have wheeled vehicles until they have mastered the sharp and sturdy tools. It is difficult to process wood into a proper cylindrical shape with stone tools, not to mention complicated wheels with spokes. Therefore, the appearance of the wheel can only be after the Bronze Age.

    Robert louver, a famous American anthropologist, has asserted that all nations that use  Tri spoke wheels mtb are not directly or indirectly learned from ancient Babylon. The American indians knew that the tug on the rollers, the spinning wheels, and the rolling rings had never occurred to them.


    Lu's view of the origin of the Tri spoke wheels bicycle is also the view of most archaeologists, but new archaeological finds tend to overturn old theories. The ruts under the stone tomb of Flintbek were left between 4800 and 4700 B.C. The tank found in Bronocice, Poland, was located before 4725 BC, but the seven carbon-14 measurements of the formation tended to be in 4610-4440 BC. The earliest evidence of wheeled transport in the near east was discovered by American archaeologist Baldia at the late Uruk site in Syria. A model of wheels and a fresco of "van" were unearthed there. These are the things that were left over from 6400 to 6500 years ago.


    Therefore,Carbon tri spoke bicycle wheels are likely to be in Europe and emerging, and then to the near east, or by the Oriental reinvention.

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