The Purpose Of The Carbon

The purpose of the carbon

Carbon is a nonmetallic element in the second cycle of the periodic table, the IVA family. Latin for Carbonium, meaning "coal, charcoal". Carbon is a very common element, and it is found in many forms in the atmosphere and in the earth's crust and life. Carbon has long been recognized and used, and carbon has a series of compounds -- organic compounds that are fundamental to life. Carbon is one of the components of pig iron, wrought iron and steel. Carbon can chemically combine to form a large number of compounds that are important in both biological and commercial terms. Most molecules in a living organism contain carbon.

Carbon is indispensable to all existing systems of life. Without it, life cannot exist.More advanced application in making tyres, Carbon fiber bmx frame, Carbon bmx wheels, Carbon bmx race wheels, Mountain bike wheels ,Carbon bicycle wheels.

The main economic use of carbon other than food and wood is the form of hydrocarbons (most notably oil and gas). Crude oil is produced by the petrochemical industry through the fractionation process in refineries to produce other commodities, including gasoline and kerosene.

Cellulose is a naturally occurring carbon - containing polymer obtained from plants such as cotton, flax, and flax. The main function of cellulose in plants is to maintain the structure of plants themselves. Commercially valuable polymers derived from animals, including wool, cashmere and silk, are carbon polymers, and usually include nitrogen atoms and oxygen atoms arranged in an aggregation of the owner chain.

Carbon and its compounds are diverse. Carbon can also form alloy with iron, most commonly carbon steel; Graphite and clay mixture can be used for writing and painting of the pencil lead, graphite also can be used as lubricant and pigments, as molding material of glass manufacturing, used for electrode and electroplating, electroforming, electric motor brush, is also in the nuclear reactor neutron slowing materials; Coke can be used for barbeque, drawing materials and iron smelting industry. Gem grade diamond can be used as jewelry, industrial diamond for drilling, cutting and polishing, as well as processing stone and metal tools.                     


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