The Use Of Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage

The main breakthrough of domestic carbon fiber is T series, and it is mainly T300, and only some enterprises produce T700 and T800 grade carbon fiber.T series is high-strength carbon fiber, which is mainly applied in the field with high mechanical properties, which can be particularly strong.High carbon fiber with high modulus of the model, size stability under high and low temperature environment, and good conductive thermal conductivity, is suitable for applications in aerospace, and top grade rod, and some need to thermally conductive areas.


Domestic carbon fiber production and development status.

Carbon fiber is a kind of national strategy emerging materials, can be directly applied military-industrial complex areas, such as missile, rocket, fighters, so foreign to its related technologies, key equipment and materials are blocked or restricted, this also caused the domestic carbon fiber industry chain long-term serious lag, especially the source of the carbon fiber industry, carbon fiber localization.But in fact, from the strict sense, the carbon fiber is not new material, in foreign countries, such as Japan toray began in the 1960 s large-scale production, domestic large-scale production in the true sense of only a few years time.


Carbon fiber is a technology-intensive, capital-intensive products, why the technology first, because its production process parameters, tens of thousands of foreign and blockade, how to combine the need to fumble, and control requirements is very high, these are not just with money can buy.

Application of Specialized carbon fiber bottle cage  in domestic bicycle industry.

Considering the cost factor, whether domestic or abroad, most of the carbon fiber is the main level of T700 carbon fiber on the bike, can use local T800, ultra-low weight will all use T800, as for the other to a higher level of T series of carbon fiber, considering the cost factor, market demand is not large, less application.

At present, Carbon fiber bike bottle cage has a wide application in bicycle, said under the use of carbon fiber on the Carbon fiber water bottle cage, ordinary bicycles are generally plastic bottle cage or is made of iron, the material with poor quality or bulky.The Carbon fiber bicycle water bottle cage solves these problems. The price is cheap, the material is environment-friendly, and the plasticity is strong, and the Cheap carbon fiber bottle cages   is widely promoted in the racing competition, so the safety of carbon fiber bottle cage can be seen.

What is the key technology of carbon fiber bicycle processing?

Processing technology of carbon fiber products, equipment and the steps are not the same as those required by different process, with carbon fiber bicycle as an example, its production process is: carbon fiber, fabric, presoak - design - development - cutting material - coil - molding - processing agglutination - mill coating, packaging, is the key step in volumes, design, development, and to shape.The key steps are also the core and key points of the major bicycle manufacturers in the market. Pre-leaching mainly determines the performance of raw materials, which directly influences the inherent nature of the products.The design determines the shape of the product, such as the wind resistance size, whether it conforms to the ergonomics and the convenience of mold forming.Development determines the laminated structure of the product, is a core of composite material design in most places, the point of view of carbon cloth, laminated thickness and order is critical, the back of the single coil process are made of development;The importance of the coil material is mainly reflected in the proficiency and quality of the workers' operation. Otherwise, there is no good product to be produced in the process sheet.Forming is the final shaping of good design and development. Most of its performance parameters are also set down in this step. Its forming process and supporting equipment are very important.



Future application of carbon fiber materials.

Carbon fiber market gap is larger, there are a lot of areas for development, such as industrial, aerospace, automobile and other fields, the field of high-end carbon fibers and related products, stable quality and the potential demand is very big.But the domestic common is given priority to with low low level repeated construction of T300, seemingly accumulative total production capacity is very big, but the actual production is low, the product performance can not meet the requirements, the second is caused by a lack of performance can not sell high price, general sales at prices below cost a lot, so sales how to much loss, vicious cycle could lead to cut production.

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