Tire Storage Method

In the Sun or under direct sunlight in the rain may result in discoloration, hairline cracks. If you stay out of the Sun or rain, when placed outdoors for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of rubber. Protect tires from direct sunlight, UV radiation, rain, oil pollution, ozone, heat, etc. Keep tires, placed in a dark, cool place and out of air inside the tire, is very important. Please avoid direct sunlight. 1, if it rains the tire moved to room so as not to tire the water; 2 tires stuck to oiled or water and are vulnerable to bruises or deformed. So please avoid places where there are oil and water; 3, please avoid causing deformation of the tire marks or place; 4, please do not place it near the generator, batteries, and 5, remove tire storage for a long time, please note that tire oozing chemicals and dirty ground.

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