Triathlon Bike Handlebars

triathlon bike handlebars

Triathlon, one of the sports events, was born in Hawaii and belongs to the new comprehensive sports competition.The competition consists of natural water swimming, triathlon bars for road bike, and road race. The three events are organized in sequence, and the athletes need to complete the race.


It became an Olympic sport in 2000 and became an Asian games project in 2006.The triathlon originated in the United States.

In February 1974, a group of sports officials gathered in a bar in the Hawaiian islands to argue about which sport was most exciting and challenging in the world.The most test of man's will and strength?Some said it was football, swimming in the sea,Triathlon bicycle handlebars, mountain marathon and so on. They had their own opinions and arguments.Finally, commodore John Collins proposes: who can swim in one day in a rough sea 3.8 km, 180 km around the island again to ride Specialized triathlon handlebars bicycle, finally ran a 42.195 km marathon, Honolulu stopover must not, who is the real iron man.Collins' idea was backed up, so the next day 15 people took part in the race, including one woman.As a result, 12 people completed the race, and a new sport that challenges the nature and conquers the ego was born in this dramatic, adventurous situation.The first place in the race was 11 hours and 46 minutes.

The time after they finish the combination of a continuous swimming, bicycling and running, cycling is suitable for the triathlon race handlebar is used, and on the physical ability, speed and skill to provide challenge comprehensive sports called "triathlon".He also recognized the competition as the first world triathlon championship.It's a meaningful sport.

Triathlon movement was born in Hawaii, originally only popular in Hawaii and California, after gradually in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Britain, Japan, China and other countries carried out widely.


The Triathlon handlebars carbon is more suitable for triathlon, and the triathlon is more comfortable and lighter than the average car.The Triathlon bike handlebars  is designed to fit the design of the racer's movement, allowing the player to play in the game.

Triathlon Handlebars

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