What Are Bike Components ?

  what are bike components ?

Bike build components are the general term for all Bike parts and components of the bicycle body. According to the large structure frame of the body can be divided into: frame, tire, pedal part,Bike handlebar components, chain, Bike components wheels and so on.

The bicycle frame, tire, pedal, brake, chain and other 25 accessories, its basic components are indispensable. The frame is the skeleton of the bicycle, and it bears the most weight. According to the working characteristics of each accessory, it can be divided into the guidance system, the driving system and the braking system.

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The main parts

1.The frame

The frame part is the basic structure of the bicycle, the skeleton and main body of the bicycle, and the other parts are installed directly or indirectly on the frame. There are many structural forms of frame parts, but they can be divided into two categories: men's frame and female frame.

The frame is usually made of ordinary carbon copper tube through welding and combination. In order to lighten the pipe weight and increase the strength, the higher grade bicycles are made of low-alloy steel tubes. In order to reduce the speed of driving resistance, some bikes also use streamlined steel pipes.

2.The tire

There are two kinds of soft edge and hard edge. Soft side tire section is wider, can cover the inner tube completely, the land area is larger, can be suitable for a variety of roads. The hard edge is light, and the landing area is small and suitable for running on the smooth road. It has the advantages of small resistance and light driving.

The pattern on the outside is to increase friction with the ground. Mountain bikes are especially wide in width and have deep patterns. The outer tire width of the road bike is especially narrow, and the pattern is relatively shallow to be suitable for the road site.

3.Fold the headlights

The bicycle light is installed on the bicycle for riding the night riding lamps. At present, the best advantage is the economy is portable, the disadvantage is the wide light, large blind area, short range and poor safety.

A new type of night cycling lamp, bicycle wheels, night cycling process, because the wheels look colorful, named as nezha's wind fire wheels, its visual distance, especially in the case of city car many people more, greatly improving the security of night riding


Pedal parts assembly on the axial component of the crank is a flat power turn into power device, bike riding, pedal force to pedal parts first, and then by the pedal crank shaft, tooth plate, axis, chain wheel, rear wheel rotation, so that the bike forward. Therefore, the Bike components quality , which will directly affect whether the position of the rider is suitable, and whether the driver of the bicycle can be carried out smoothly.

5.Front fork components

Front fork components in the front part in the bicycle structure, its top and handlebar components are linked together, frame assembly with the former, together with the bottom and front axle parts, bicycle guiding system.

Turning the handlebars and the front fork can change the direction of the front wheel and play the guiding role of the bicycle. In addition, can play the role that controls bicycle to drive.

The force of the forked part is of the cantilever type, so the front fork must have sufficient strength and so on.

6.Folding chain

The chain is also known as chain and roller chain, which is mounted on the connecting wheel and flywheel. The effect is to transfer the pedal force from the crank, the sprocket to the flywheel and the rear wheel to drive the bike forward.

Sprocket: made of high strength steel to ensure that it meets the required pull.

7.The flywheel

  The inner screw of the flywheel is fixed on the right end of the rear axle, which is the same plane as the sprocket, and is connected with the chain wheel to form the driving system of the bicycle. The structure can be divided into two categories: single-stage flywheel and multi-stage flywheel.

The single-stage flywheel is also known as single chain wheel, which is mainly composed of coat, flat and core, jack, jack, washer and wire.


The multi-stage flywheel is based on the single-stage flywheel, adding several flywheels, which are combined with the sprocket on the central axis to form various transmission ratios, thus changing the speed of the bicycle.

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