What Is 5 Spoke Fixed Gear Carbon Fibe?

5 Spoke Fixed Gear Carbon Fibe


5 spoke racing wheels is to protect the vehicle wheel rims and spokes device is characterized by a pair of circular plate, the diameter of the cover plate size and the diameter of the wheel rim size is close to the center of the blister is greater than the wheel rotation shaft hole, the orifice plate close to the edge of the section, the edge of the cover plate have a ring round plate, round plate surface can be curved surface fit closely with wheels.According to the structure of the spokes, the wheels are divided into spokes and spokes, and the current mainstream family cars adopt the 5 spoke car rims structure.


 According to the structure of the Black five spoke rims, it can be divided into spokes and spokes.


Spoke spokes.


The spokes and gears, rim and valve outlet are combined to form the wheels.The spoke plate is a steel circular plate, which connects the hub and rim, most of which is made of stamping, and a few are made into one with the hub.The latter is mostly used in heavy vehicles.The spokes and rims are riveted or welded together. For wheels with no inner tires, welding can be used to improve the sealing of rim.

The radial plate of the car is made of thin material, which is often pressed into various shapes to improve the rigidity.A number of holes are opened on the spokes to reduce the quality and to help the brakes to dissipate heat.


 Spoke spokes of 5 spoke 700c wheels

The 5 spoke rims for sale of spokes are steel wire spokes or casting spokes that are cast in a wheel hub.The steel wire spokes are used only for racing cars and some advanced cars because of the high cost and inconvenience of maintenance and installation.Casting spokes are used in heavy goods vehicles.On the wheel of this structure, the rim is fastened to the spokes with bolts and special shapes, so that the rim and spokes are good, and the cone is machined on the rim and the spokes.

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