What Is A Fixie Bikes?

what is a fixie bikes?

Fixie bikes - also known as Fixed gear track bike or Fixie mountain bike, Japanese called race round, more accurate to say that in Chinese "Fixed Gear Bike", relative to our daily activities "flywheel", we call the flywheel "dead flies", domestic general said Fixed Gear for die coasters.


Fixie bikes originated in cycling, flywheel is fixed, on the car forward, forward backward step on the car back, there are some alternative work cyclist using abandoned the site of the car as a traffic tool.


It is quickly and cheap fixie wheels in cities, and requires certain cycling techniques that thieves can't steal.these features made it popular among cyclists in countries such as Britain and America, and became a street culture.


Later, the flying car to Tokyo, Japan, in the packaging and promotion of the fashion godfather hiroshi, evolved into a fashion trend with fashion, becoming the main force of the tidal culture.


This sport also has certain danger, its tooth disk and crank are completely together, commonly known as "dead flywheel".That means it can't go backwards, it's going forward, it's going backwards.Some people call this the "reverse brake", but it is because of this structure that it can make a series of difficult movements, such as taxi and backsliding.And FixedGear the sport is also extremely labor-intensive, imagine when you are riding fast, no ordinary bicycle brake assist, if you want to immediately stop the must have considerable skill and strength.


In the field of dead flying is called "drift", and drift is the opposite of the pedal movement. It is difficult to stop the rotation of the rear wheels.The movement of all the weight on the front wheel can be longer, which can leave a deep impression on others.If you want to stop quickly, you need a rider to make a jump stop, just like stopping on a crowded road.


Dead flying bicycle is very beautiful, because they are simplified only one Fixie bike frame , two wheels, a handlebar and seat, there is usually no brake line, there is no gear converter, fender, no lights, no reflector, no brake, pure bicycle.


The one great pleasure of playing with Fixed Gear Bike is 19 for vehicle parts, each part is not cheap, but the combination of a vehicle is like I give myself a tailored clothes, pay attention to and the owner.Fixed Gear must not light figure easy to buy a vehicle ride, directly in the process of assembling and experience FixedGear incarnate lili, oneself likes color collocation, and suitable for their own parts these are essential to the process.Because of this, so a tide people all want to make public individual character's fascination with it, this to belong to own Fixed Gear Bike birth process, is bound to spend a lot of energy and creativity, is a personal work of art.One day, our city will be like this post in London, the streets are locked with all kinds of dead flying cars.


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