What Is Carbon Fiber ?

What is carbon fiber ?

Carbon fiber rims is the most suitable for the car's materials, compared with the traditional metal materials, Carbon wheelset, the strength, stiffness and shock resistance are generally have an advantage, especially the unit weight of each performance is better than metal materials. Looking back on the history of F1, we can also see clearly that Carbon fiber wheels have great advantages in both performance and safety performance compared with the past metal material racing.


For example that silverstone kimi raikkonen in 2014, when kimi raikkonen's ferrari car crashed into the wall at one end of the out of control after the final, with about 240 kilometers an hour straight hit the wall, the impact of the collision moment 47 g, then the car back track, on the track through a dense F1 car traffic, turn around and then hit on the other side of the fence, the massa's car during this fight. After such an impact, raikkonen only scratched his ankles and knees slightly and climbed out of the car himself. If that's not enough to convince you, then you can think about what would happen if this was a car that had a heavy closing sound and a thick car.

Carbon road wheels, as we usually call it, is a vague general term, and the performance of different kinds of carbon fibers varies greatly. Note that carbon fiber, as we call it, is actually called carbon fiber reinforced composite, which is different from the real carbon fiber. In simple terms, the real carbon fiber is like a piece of wool, and what we usually call carbon fiber is all kinds of sweaters, scarves, gloves and so on.

The so-called Cheap carbon wheels reinforced composite material, in fact, USES a lot of carbon fiber, according to a certain direction, and then USES resin or other adhesion materials closely linked into one. As shown in the image below, the cylinder is a carbon fiber, and the cylinders are filled with resin filled in the middle. The distribution density of these fibers directly influences the final material performance. Simply put, the more dense the fiber, the more fiber in the unit volume, the higher the strength along the fiber direction; On the other hand, the less fiber, the less fiber in the unit volume, and the lower the strength of carbon fiber materials.

We can compare the general carbon fiber and the ordinary steel. For example, we can look at the contrast between strength and fracture energy. In short, we use different materials to make the same size of a cylinder. The so-called strength is the force needed to break this chopsticks, and a fracture energy is with a big hammer hit the energy needed to break this chopsticks, to some extent reflect the impact resistant ability of is material.

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