What is Disc Brake Full Carbon Disc Wheels?

  Description of Mountain bike disc brakes 

Carbon road wheels disc brakes structure is simple.But its braking power should not be too high.Excessive braking power can cause damage to the brake shoe brake friction pair, such as brake shoe melting, wheel tread overheating stripping or cracking, these will endanger safety, so the brake shoe brake has a power limit.When large braking power is required, the disk drive device can be adopted. The disk drive was first installed on the Berlin metro vehicles in Germany.

The basic principle of the Carbon disc wheelset is that the friction between brake disc and brake disc consumes kinetic energy, so as to achieve the purpose of braking or deceleration.The pressure produced by the brake cylinder is applied to the brake plate by the drive lever device,


Type of Road bike disc brakes  

According to the different installation forms of Bicycle disc brakes , the disk drive device can be divided into two types: shaft disc and wheel disc.The drive device of disc shape is to install the brake disc on the axle and fix it with the axle in some way so that the brake disc and the wheelset can rotate at the same time.The brake disc of the wheel disk drive is installed on both sides of the wheel spokes.

Generally, the space position allows.Most of the shaft - disk disk drive device.The brake disc is fixed by the hub and axle.The disc hub is pressed onto the axle and the brake disc is bolted to the wheel hub.The hub and the brake disc take many forms as required, and the connection between the two shall ensure that the brake is not relaxed or separated by the heat generated by the brake.According to the braking requirements.Two or three or even four brake pads can be arranged on one axle.

When the axle disk drive device cannot be installed due to the limitation of space problems (for example, the brake disc cannot be installed because of the traction motor in the moving vehicle), the wheel disk drive device can be adopted.


The characteristics of

1.Disc shape gear was cancelled brake shoe of the wheel tread surface friction, so there is no heat affected on the wheel, but also reduce the abrasion of the wheels, extending the service life of the wheel and improve the operation quality, ensure the driving safety.

2.The heat dissipation performance of the disk drive is good, and the friction coefficient between brake blade and brake cross-check is stable, which can obtain a relatively constant braking force: its thermal capacity allows it to have higher braking power.

3.Because the brake disc and brake material can be chosen freely, the friction pair has the best braking parameters.High coefficient of friction can be obtained and relatively stable.Therefore, the brake disc pressure can be reduced, the size of brake cylinder and lever can be reduced, and the weight of brake device can be reduced.

4.Disk - shaped movement USES economy.Generally speaking, the area of disc brake is larger than the area of brake shoe of brake shoe, and the unit area pressure is smaller, so its abrasion rate is smaller.

5.When brake is replaced by brake shoe, the adhesion coefficient between wheel and rail is reduced.

Disc Brake Full Carbon Disc Wheels

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