What Is Fat Bike Frame?

Fat Bike Frame

Because of the high quality of carbon fiber, the strength and hardness of Fat bike frame weights than that of metal materials of the same volume and weight.Therefore, Fat bike frame pump   are widely used in aviation, navigation, military industry and other high-tech industries.


Material properties

Carbon fiber weighs one quarter of the same volume of steel.

Fat bike frame carbon is ten times as strong as aluminum of the same volume.

Another theory is that carbon fiber is 12 times as strong as metal when compared with metal of the same quality.


The processing technology

The processing methods of Fat bike frames for sale : winding, winding, moulding, vacuum forming, aeration forming, etc.

At present, more and more methods are adopted for civil carbon fiber products, such as rolling, moulding, vacuum forming and aerating forming.


Carbon fiber products in sports goods include badminton rackets, tennis rackets, table tennis rackets, golf clubs, bows and arrows, and bicycle frames.

Medical equipment including ct bed, prosthesis, orthopedic equipment, recreational products such as fishing rod, bicycle.


Bicycles have all kinds of materials and fat bike Frame size, carbon fiber is a new material, recently carbon fiber has many excellent properties, carbon fiber axial strength and high modulus, low density, high performance than, no creep, not resistant to ultra high temperature oxidation environment, good fatigue resistance, heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal, small thermal expansion coefficient and anisotropy, good corrosion resistance, X-ray permeability is good.Good conductive thermal conductivity, good electromagnetic shielding, etc.It's a good material for making a self - written framework.



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