What Is Road Bike Wheels?

What is Road Bike Wheels?


In order to improve the comfort of Carbon road bike wheels, the main focus of the bicycle manufacturing industry is the vibration of the road, which is passed to the hands and buttocks of cyclists.Carbon rims road bike  are considered to be one of the main components of bicycle vibration isolation.A road simulator is used to control the vertical displacement of white noise under the tire.The force on the tire and the blocking force on the hub are measured.Six different wheels were tested.When the force is applied to different positions on the wheel, some of the wheels show an important spatial variation of the blocking force.Experimental results show that the method can distinguish and sort the Carbon fiber wheels  effectively.The characteristic of each wheel is its radial static stiffness.The preliminary results show that there is a poor correlation coefficient between the radial static stiffness and the resistance flow coefficient of the dynamic hub, R 2 = 0.41.

Due to the quality of the bike is one of the most popular features of customers and bicycle manufacturers, the vibration of the bike/bicycle system behavior in recent years has developed into an active field in the field of sports engineering research.When evaluating the transmission and riding comfort of the Carbon disc wheelset , the test conditions should be controlled to obtain the repeatable load and acceleration measurement values of the contact points of the cyclists.Surprisingly, however, this consideration has not been clearly addressed in the literature.Our results show that all the selected test conditions have significant influence on the vibration level of the Road bike disc wheels.


Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

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