What Is Track Carbon Frame Track Bike Frame?

A gear is a mechanical element on a wheel rim that has gears continuously meshing to transfer motion and power.The use of gears in transmission has been around for a long time.At the end of the 19th century, the principle of tooth development and the appearance of special machine tools and tools used to cut teeth appeared successively. With the development of production, the smoothness of gear operation was valued.

Gear can be classified according to tooth shape, gear shape, gear line shape, gear tooth surface and manufacturing method.

The tooth shape of gear includes profile curve, pressure Angle, tooth height and displacement.The involute gear is easy to manufacture, so the involute gear is the absolute majority of the gear used in modern times, while cycloidal gear and arc gear are seldom used.

In the pressure Angle, the bearing capacity of small pressure Angle gear is small.However, although the bearing capacity of high pressure angular gear is high, the bearing load increases with the same transmission torque, so it is only used in special cases.And the gear tooth height has been standardized, generally using the standard tooth height.The advantages of Bicycle tracker is more, in all kinds of machinery and equipment, the gear track in widely used in Track bike parts,Track bike frame material is qualitative light, track and higher gear fit, Fixed gear rider can improve the smooth degree of cycling gear orbit.Fixed gear bike are also popular with young people.


In addition, gear can be divided into cylindrical gear, bevel gear, non-circular gear, rack and worm worm worm gear according to its shape.According to the shape of tooth line, it is divided into straight gear, bevel gear, herringbone gear and curve gear.According to the surface of the gear teeth, there are external gears and internal gears.According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into casting gear, cutting gear, rolling gear, sintering gear, etc.

The manufacturing materials and heat treatment process of gears have great influence on the bearing capacity and dimension weight of gears.Before the 1950s, gears were made of carbon steel, in the 1960s they were made of alloy steel, and in the 1970s they were made of hardened steel.According to hardness, tooth surface can be divided into soft tooth surface and hard tooth surface.


The gear bearing capacity of soft tooth surface is low, but it is easy to manufacture and has good running ability. It is mainly used in general machines with no strict limits on transmission size and weight, as well as small production.Because of the heavy burden of the small wheel in the paired gears, in order to make the working life of the large and small gear roughly equal, the hardness of the small gear tooth surface is generally higher than that of the large wheel.

The bearing capacity of the denture surface gear is high. It is quenched, surface quenched or carburized after the gear is finely cut to improve the hardness.However, in heat treatment, the gear will inevitably be deformed, so after heat treatment must be grinding, grinding or precision cutting, in order to eliminate the error caused by deformation and improve the precision of the gear.

Track Carbon Frame Track Bike Frame

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